• Schedule 9:00 - 17:00 03/12/2021 - 18/04/22

Top Class

Top Class

The ultimate program. One of the most comprehensive and distinguished Teaching programs in the world, characterised by the quality of service and added value it offers our customers. Our selection of international professionals is available ensuring that their time is optimised as much as possible during your stay with us, ensuring an excellent experience and accelerated learning. The service is available for full-days or half-days, 1 to 10 people maximum per monitor.. Your time is your most precious asset. With us everything will be achieved faster, even at the highest technical level.


  • Transfer Land Rover (subject to availability)
  • Exclusive treatment
  • Preferential access to facilities
  • TOP LOUNGE Chalet - Meeting rooms and Wi-Fi 
  • Reservations service for the top restaurants
  • Land Rover Transfer
  • GoPro video analysis 
  • Ski test and personal shopper 
  • First snow at the request of the student

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