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Know your level

Know your level



BEGINNER - "0"  None.  Has never put on a pair of skis.

INITIATION - "A"  Flat areas, angled surfaces with counter slopes, snow gardens. Green slopes. Has tried on skis once or twice. No knowledge regarding the sport or the environment, but with a willingness to learn. You can benefit from other sports which involve sliding and balance (skating, skateboarding, cycling...)

MEDIUM - "B"  Slight lopes, wide pistes and large areas. Blue slopes.  You have some knowledge regarding the environment and the material and you are starting to enjoy the sport and the sliding, but are scared of falling. Learning as you practice and progressing fast, using mechanical means and ski lift to go upwards.

HIGH - "C"  Slopes which are between gentle and medium, with sufficient width. Narrow crossing without too much inclination, pistes with some bumps and untracked snow on the edge of the piste. Blue and red slopes. You are still scared of the slope, of frozen and untracked snow. You tend to make block movements and are not relaxed. The progress at this level depends greatly on your motivation and physical condition.

ADVANCED - "D"  Medium and steep slopes depending on the quality of the snow, gentle slopes to favour a particular directional effect. Off-piste close to it, controlled jumps in snowpark and imposed routes. Red and black slopes.  You enjoy sliding and you know the material you use. Even though your coordination is not always correct, you control your direction and the speed on medium speed pistes. You are starting to become interested in off-piste skiing.

EXPERT - "E"  All the pistes and off-piste.  You are in control of all techniques and all types of snow. You are able to adapt your personal technique to the terrain. Capacity to start competing or doing courses for training instructors.           



BEGINNER - "0"  None.  You have never put on a snowboard.

INITIATION - "A"  Very little: Green slopes. You have tried on a snowboard once or twice. You find it hard to stay balanced and are learning to turn and stop. You find it easy to descend like a falling leaf.

MEDIUM - "B"  Easy green and blue slopes.  Normal turn: basic turn. You feel more comfortable at low or medium speed and if the terrain becomes complicated you are not in full control of the technique. You turn better towards one side, rather than the other.

HIGH - "C"  Blue slopes. Normal turn: turns due to skidded extension. You can slide fast, but your technique is still not great. You enjoy most of the slopes, linking wide and short turns, you can even move off-piste if the conditions are good. You are starting to freestyle.

ADVANCED - "D"  Red slopes. Normal turn: you are starting to slide in switch and are starting to direct the turns on the piste. You control your technique in all situations and speeds. If the snow conditions are good, your exercise has a good result. You freeride and freestyle.

EXPERT - "E"  All the pistes and off-piste. You move along the piste and you are in control of all turns in natural and in switch, you perform well on powder snow and your in control of freestyle in jumps, jibing and tricks on flats.

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