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December 02, 2017 - Opening
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The center is opened every day during ski season from 8: 00h to 20: 00h. Previous booking is recommended.


We are a group of childhood educators with a unique goal: get children to enjoy snw and allow the whole family to have a good time during its holidays in Andorra.


I am an innovative person, who takes initiatives and works hard. Also, I consider myself creative and very responsible.

Since my very childhood, I have been in contact with snow, being a memeber of the National Ski Federation and running for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

My second stage in connection with snow happened as a ski instructor at the ski school, teaching the country’s youngest kids.

Later on, I worked at the Ministry of Andorran Education, leading the extra-curricular sports department.

Can the youngest enjoy the snow?

Q: What is required to get there?
A: A team of Educators familiar with the educational needs of the youngest and a great diversity games oriented towards the introduction to and the discovery of the mountain.

Q: What is our philosophy?
A: We want to reach all the children, in a suitable way, to the marvelous world of the snow. To discover step by step and to enjoy more and more the mountains in winter.

At El Floquet we work to naturally take kids closer, getting them used to the environment at first, to end up discovering "the cold and white friend” SNOW.

"All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it" Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince.


Our activities go along with a daily rhythm structured by tasks, meals times and rests.

During the day we offer activities for similar ages children or divided by ages.


Our wish is to respect the biological rhythms of children. We adapt according to ages, dividing children into 3 different groups:

For the new-borns, we provide bottles, natural mashed vegetables, cereals or fruits and semimashed food. The new-borns are in an adapted area arranged for them.

The 5 meals a day are respected, considering the attendance to the centre:
> 08:30h breakfast
> 10:00h morning break
> 12:00h lunch
> 15:30h afternoon break

Between each break, and considering each age group, we organize outings to the snowpark, workshops, manualities, sortides al parc de neu, psychomotricity, snow introduction games, free plays and rest.


Ages of the group: maximum capacity 9 From 4 months to 18 months old.
The new-born is placed in a cloud of colors, animals & entertaining characters.
With a dedicated place to sleep and a very special consideration.


Ages of the group: maximum capacity 12 From 1,5 years to 3 years old.
The laugh of a child discovering the snow and enjoying playing has no price.
We will keep all their senses awake.


Snow outings

To introduce children to the world of snow, park outings are organized, in small groups. This way, the educators to encourage to the full the abilities and the aprenticeship of each child, while ensuring the security of the group.

The goals are to learn and respects the rules attached to snow, getting familiar with the environment and discovering the feelings of cold and slippery.

We organize activities to develop motor skills with adapted tools, various games and snow buildings.

* The snow park outing will take place daily if weather conditions allow it.

Our philosophy is to enjoy the snow!

First experience with snow

Games will be organized to discover and get to know the objects that we use in the mountains. We will focus on the flora and the fauna of the mountain, the equipment, the ski lifts, the ski slopes and we will learn how to use them properly.


> Psychomotor therapy
> Language workshops
> Manual work
> Costumes workshops
> Library
> Construction games

Free Play

During the day, some moments will be dedicated to free play. The children’s centre has furniture and toys to allow kids to choose and to play under the watchful supervision of the educators.



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